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Improved quality of life

The app Platsminnen has been developed in close co-operation with several Swedish nursing homes, where the staff consequently has noticed an increased sense of calm, happiness and connectedness among the residents after working with Platsminnen.

Using photos, audio and video to access memories from a time when a person living with dementia was healthy and active, strengthens their identity, improves confidence and leaves the person with a positive feeling – which remains in the body even after the memory is gone.

Creating a personal Life Story is an easy way to add improved meaning and structure to the life of someone living with dementia. The Life Story also becomes a valuable document, as well as a tool for communication, to share with family and caregivers.

“A very restless and anxious woman calms down when I sit down with her and look at pictures from Skåne, where she comes from. We look at the pictures, and she tells about her memories, and after 15 minutes she breathes calmly and dozes off. This is a way to decrease medication”

– Assistant nurse


Syringen, Erling

Involving family

The only things needed to become involved in the process of creating and editing a family member’s Life Story is an iPad with the app Platsminnen installed and a login. Family members can choose between having the same administrative access as a caregiver, to edit and add content to the Life Story, or an access limited to view only.

Family members can take photos with an iPad through the app Platsminnen, and have them uploaded straight into the Life Story. It is also possible to record and add audio and video clips in the same way. There are endless opportunities to share life’s big and small occasions from past and present in a Life Story.

After the passing of the user of a Life Story, the Life Story is permanently erased from Platsminnen’s server, and if family members wish to keep the content it is provided in digital form.

A tool for reminiscence

Reminiscence is a method that aims to improve the cognitive ability and quality of life for elderly people living with dementia. Reminiscence is not considered a form of therapy; yet its effects can be therapeutic and it is frequently used in nursing. Platsminnen provides new ways to work creatively and interactively with reminiscence, both individually and in a group.

Dementia deteriorates the immediate and working memory. However, memories from childhood and early adulthood linger on. Reminiscence work uses memory triggers to recall those memories, which can strengthen and reaffirm identity, improve self-esteem and give a sense of joy – both physically and emotionally.

Memory triggers can be photos, objects, music, sounds, smells and tastes. As a powerful tool for reminiscence work, Platsminnen works as an endless photo album and a dynamic, personal box of memories that continuously changes and evolves together with its users.

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Effective workflow

In a nursing home setting, Platsminnen is a useful tool for creating meaningful activities without cumbersome and time consuming preparations on behalf of the staff. Thanks to the easy-to-grasp format of an iPad and the simple functionality of Platsminnen, the app can be used by individuals or in a group at any place, at any given time.

”Us assistant nurses specialized in dementia care know the importance of seizing the moment to create calm and minimize anxiety. This is possible with the aid of digital technology and the app Platsminnen, and creates precious meaningful moments for our residents.”

– Assistant nurse