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What is a Life Story?

A Life Story is a tool in the Platsminnen toolbox that gives care professionals the opportunity to gain a better insight into the life of a person living with dementia. Access to information about important events, places and people in a person’s life helps caregivers to better understand, acknowledge and respond to someone living with dementia when their memory and language fails.

The earlier a person living with dementia starts to build their personal Life Story, the more active a role they can take in documenting and sharing their own life. Building a Life Story together with family is also a meaningful and rewarding activity for everyone involved.

A digital Life Story is dynamic, its content can easily and instantly be edited as it expands and changes with its users. A Life Story does not only document and preserve the past, but continues to document the present life. When the time comes to move into a nursing home, the user can still share their everyday life with their family through the Life Story. Family members can also login securely to Platsminnen, and add photos, stories, films and sound clips to the Life Story.

Sometimes sad memories come up. We have a resident here, who was evacuated from Finland to Sweden as a child during WW2. When searching for photos from her childhood times, a photo of an evacuated little Finnish girl going to Sweden with an address tag around her neck turns up. The old woman cries and recounts her story. And tells me how comforting it is to share her memories.”

– Assistant nurse

Assistant nurse

Search millions of historical images

Through the app Platsminnen, you can freely browse and search among over 5 million mages, sourced from the open databases of numerous museums and archives all over Europe. There is at present no other search service or search engine that offers such an extensive and ever-growing collection of historical and cultural heritage photos. The photos can be saved and organized in collections, as well as added to Life Stories.


Add your own images, videos or audio

Through the app Platsminnen, you can take photos and record audio or video, which can then be added to a Life Story or collection.

All images, both from searches and your own added images, can be categorized into self-curated collections. These collections can either be connected to a specific Life Story or made available for an entire nursing home or specific department thereof, e.g. collections related to themes such as seasons, holidays, pets, transportation, army, etc.

Involving family

Platsminnen gives family the unique opportunity to share the day-to-day life of a member living with dementia. Through a simple and secure feature of the app, family members can upload photos, audio, videos and text directly to a Life Story. In the same way, with support from the staff at the nursing home, residents can share images, stories, audio and videos to their family through a Life Story.


A secure and password protected feature for creating Life Stories is included in the Platsminnen app. We take digital security seriously and have carefully regulated the handling of personal information.

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